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Call for Conference Planning Committee Members

Conference Co-chairs Megan O’Brien and Vickie Albrecht are looking for eight individuals to join the Conference Planning Committee. Below are a list of committee descriptions. If you’re interested in any of these, please express interest via email. If you have questions about any of these, feel free to contact either Megan or Vickie at


Conference Planning Committee Position Descriptions


Program Committee Co-Chairs (2)

Ideally, but not required, for individuals living close to Winnipeg. The Program Committee Co-Chairs oversee the formation of the Program Committee. The role of the Program Committee is to create a program that reflects the theme of the conference and the variety of interests of the broader library/archives/records management and museum communities within Manitoba. This includes both pre-conference events and the conference program itself, as well as scheduling association AGMs.

Before conference:

  •  sets timelines for completion of tasks;
  •  holds monthly meetings for the first few months, and likely every two weeks the month prior to the deadline for the final program;
  •  ensures that committee members are fulfilling their duties in a timely, effective manner;
  •  works closely with the Sessions Coordinator to ensure that speaker’s requirements have been accommodated;
  •  serves on the Conference Planning Committee and reports on the Program Committee’s progress at each meeting.

Time commitment will be moderate to heavy in the months leading up to the conference.


Registration Coordinator

The Registration Coordinator is responsible for collecting and processing registration information, and works closely with the Conference Treasurer, Website Coordinator, Exhibits Coordinator, and Hospitality Coordinator. The registration coordinator:

Before conference:

  •  creates pre-conference and conference registration forms;
  •  maintains a spreadsheet of registrants and liaises frequently with the Treasurer for payment processing;
  •  sends a registration confirmation email to each delegate;
  •  creates name badges for delegates;

During conference:

  •  oversees the registration desk with the assistance of volunteers.

Time commitment is moderate 2-3 months prior to the Conference, and moderate to heavy in the month prior and on-site.


Conference Office Manager

Ideal for an individual who lives outside of Winnipeg.  The Conference Office Manager is responsible for the conference office during the conference.  The Conference Office Manager works with all members of the conference planning committee but especially close with the Conference Co-Chairs.

Before conference:

  • checks in with Conference Co-chairs about office supplies.

During conference:

  • prints/photocopies materials during the conference;
  • assists with conference office set up;
  • in charge of conference office during the conference;
  • partitions office supplies for Treasurer, Registration Coordinator, and Exhibits/Tradeshow Coordinator for use during the conference;
  • assists with packing up the office on final day of conference.

Time commitment is minimal one month prior the conference and heaviest during the conference.