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Call for Submissions

As of February 2017, we are currently seeking volunteers for the editorial board of Manitoba Libraries. Check this space, subscribe to the MLA News email list, or follow us on Facebook and Twitter to hear about the next call for submissions.


Manitoba Libraries is an open access journal that supports the library and archives community by facilitating discussion and showcasing current research and practice relating to library and archives services within our provincial community.

Information professionals, including librarians, archivists, library assistants and LIS students, are encouraged to submit articles on any topic related to:

  • Patron Services
  • Community Programming
  • Collections Development / Management
  • Digital Tools and Resources
  • Information Literacy
  • Research Related to Libraries and Archives
  • Professional Development Experiences and Opportunities
  • Library Administration
  • Editorial Works Related to Libraries and Archives


Articles can be submitted in two length categories:

  • Feature Articles (up to 4000 words)
  • General Articles (between 1000 – 2500 words)


Submissions Procedures & Guidelines
Advertising Rates and Formatting



For more information, contact:


Ellen Tisdale
Director of Communications
Manitoba Library Association