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MLA Talk and Tour 2018: Discussion Summaries

on December 3, 2018 - 4:44pm
Our discussion leaders from the Talk & Tour have summarized the points that everyone brought to the table. Click here to have a look.
Topics covered:
- Services for the the Indigenous Community
- Services for the Newcomer Community
- Professional Development on a Budget
- Partnering for Programs and Services
- Assessment in Libraries
- Adapting to a Changing Profession
What points did we miss? Leave a comment on this doc & keep the discussion going!

Update on the New MLA Logo Project

on November 9, 2018 - 4:22pm

Thanks to everyone who participated in our New MLA Logo Contest! With 20 submissions and 61 votes, your participation has helped us to get a sense of direction as we move forward with this project. As the votes for best logo were fairly divided, the MLA board voted to invest in bringing a graphic designer on board to help us bring this vision together. 

For those of you who were curious about the contest results, the top submissions were:

  • Option 11, with 20% of votes for first choice:

  • Option 5b, with 15% of votes for first choice:

  • Option 6, with 11% of votes for first choice:

The comments from survey respondents will also be helpful as we move forward. A few key themes that stood out in these comments include:

  • “library trustees  •  library technicians  •  librarians” - this may not be inclusive enough of all library workers & supporters
  • Only showcasing books is a dated way to portray libraries
  • Whatever the choice, it needs to represent unity across the province, and highlight our one provincial voice

Stay tuned as this project moves forward over the next few weeks!

Curious about our Prison Libraries Committee? Join us for the next PLC Libations!

on October 30, 2018 - 5:22pm

If you’re interested in prisons, literacy, and libations, PLC volunteers would love to chat with you.


Date: Saturday November 10, 4PM

Location: The lounge at Rae & Jerry’s, 1405 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

If you’ve been curious to learn more about the work we do, please join us. Contact Kirsten to RSVP:


For our colleagues outside Winnipeg: Kirsten Wurmann, chair of the PLC, is available to chat via phone or Skype about the work of this committee. Contact her to set up a time to chat!

MLA Talk and Tour 2018: Winnipeg Public Library’s ideaMILL

on October 1, 2018 - 4:06pm


Join your fellow library-lovers for an informative, engaging, and tasty evening at Manitoba Library Association’s first TALK AND TOUR at Winnipeg Public Library’s ideaMILL on Monday, Oct. 29 at 6pm. WPL’s brand new makerspace includes resources such as 3D printers, sewing machines and a craft lab, high-end computers, digitization, video and photo equipment, and sound booths – all to help the public explore their creativity and have the tools to make their ideas real.  


After the hands-on session and tour, join us in the Carol Shield Auditorium for dinner, networking, and discussions on library issues.


What: MLA Talk and Tour 2018

Where: idealMILL at Millennium Library (3rdFloor) - 251 Donald Street, Winnipeg

Who: All library workers, students and supporters are welcome!

When: Monday, October 29th – Tour at 6pm with dinner and discussion to follow

Cost:  Your ticket includes a guided information tour with hands-on learning in the ideaMILL, followed by dinner (pizza, sides, dessert, and up to two glasses of wine) and group discussions on timely library topics. Indicate any dietary restrictions on the registration form.

·         $15 for MLA Members (individual & institutional)

·         $20 for non-members (visit here to join today!)


Step One: Register via: 

Step Two: Buy your ticket here:

Member Category


Learn more about the ideaMILL here:  

If any accommodations are needed, please contact Mê-Linh Lê at 204-789-3344 or Requests should be made as soon as possible but at least one week prior to the scheduled meeting

For invoicing, group registration, or any questions please contact Mê-Linh Lê at


on September 16, 2018 - 1:11pm

This election season the Manitoba Library Association wants you to #AskAboutLibraries

On October 24, Manitobans across the province will vote in municipal elections. Among the range of important public services administered by local governments are public libraries.

Public libraries throughout Manitoba serve their communities by providing access to information and technology, supporting early literacy and adult literacy, providing spaces for community members to come together, and, of course, answering your questions!

But this election season we want you to do the asking. The Manitoba Library Association encourages you to reach out to your candidates about public library service.

We’ve made it easy. Use the information below to have a conversation when a candidate knocks on your door or email them to request responses. Ask your friends and neighbours to do the same.

On social media? Share your support for libraries – and responses you receive – using the hashtag #AskAboutLibraries

We look forward to the conversations ahead!

Questions for Candidates

  1. How often do you or your family make use of a public library? Which services offered by the library do you use?
    1. Many studies have shown that investment in public libraries has a positive economic impact. (For example, a 2016 study conducted in Edmonton concluded that public library service in that city generated “$3.11 in economic value for each dollar invested in the library’s operations.” A similar study about Toronto Public Library put the economic impact at $5.63 for each dollar invested.) What is your position on public library funding?
    2. The Province currently provides public library funding of $8.50 per capita, maximum.  According to the Manitoba Library Trustee’s Association, this rate has been frozen since 2004. How would you work with the Province on the question of funding for public library service?
  3. Public libraries support the communities they serve in many ways: providing access to information and technology, supporting literacy and learning for people of all ages and providing a community gather spaces where ideas are exchanged, to name just a few. What is your vision for public library service in our community?

Learn About Public Libraries and their Impact

The Economic and Socio-cultural Impact of Edmonton Public Library, Nordicity, March 2016.

So Much More: The Economic Impact of the Toronto Public Library on the City of Toronto, Martin Prosperity Institute, December 2013.

“General Economic Impact” – Libraries Matter, a campaign of the American Library Association.


Manitoba Library Association letter written June 30, 2017 to the Honourable Rochelle Squires, Minister of Sport, Culture and Heritage RE: Imagine. Creative Manitoba!

Manitoba Library Trustees Association letter of June 26, 2017 re. Imagine. Creative Manitoba! Provincial cultural policy.

Imagine. Creatve Manitoba! Discussion Paper, Government of Manitoba, 2017. See pages 68-79.

Imagine a Winnipeg... Alternative Municipal Budget 2018, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, public libraries section submitted by the Manitoba Library Association. See pages 46-49.

2018 Manitoba Municipal Elections Toolkit now available!

on September 11, 2018 - 8:49pm

Another election season is upon us!

On October 24, people in municipalities across the province will go to the polls. The Manitoba Library Association has created an election toolkit to help engage candidates and the public on the topic of support for public libraries.

We have also provided information for members of the public to encourage voters to also engage the candidates.

Find the 2018 MLA Municipal Elections Toolkit here. This Toolkit provides the basic pieces needed to communicate with candidates:

  • an email template for contacting candidates;
  • three suggested questions to pose to candidates;
  • a list of helpful information related to the value of public libraries.

#AskAboutLibraries is where members of the public can find information to engage candidates on questions about library service in their communities.

MLA encourages you to make use of or share both these resources as your mandates allow.

The New MLA Logo Contest

on August 24, 2018 - 12:06pm

Edit: October 2018

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on our New MLA Logo Contest!

Your input has helped us to understand the direction we should take with our new logo. This fall, we are investigating options to work with local designers to refine existing submissions and explore ideas that encompass the work of MLA. Stay tuned - a new logo is in the works!


We've had some fantastic submissions for our New MLA Logo Contest. In addition to the ones pictured below, all submissions can be viewed here. MLA members are invited to comment on the designs in that document.


Vote for your favorite designs by September 6, 2018!

Congratulations to the 2018 Scholarship and Award Winners!

on July 16, 2018 - 9:45am

MALT Awards

The MALT awards were open for submission by e-mails to membership as well as postings to social media encouraging applications. Applications for MALT award were evaluated by the MALT executive and voted on to determine the winning applicant at and executive meeting on April 26, 2018. The Red River College Student Award is awarded based on student marks and therefore the recipient is determined by the College.

Details for each award and this year’s winners are listed below.

Library Technician of the Year
The intent of this award is to recognize a Library Technician who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or leadership in their library, or in the library community at a local, regional, provincial or national level. The individual must be a graduate of a recognized Library Technician program.

2018 – Chris Mailloux

Library Support Worker of the Year
The intent of this award is to recognize a library support staff member who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or leadership in their library, or in the library community at a local, regional, provincial or national level. The individual must be currently working in a library without holding a Library Technician Diploma or Master of Library Science.

2018 – Pam Palcat

Rising Star
This award was created in 2011 and is presented biennially to a Library Technician who shows exceptional promise of leadership, and has made a contribution to their library or the profession. The individual must be a Library Technician who has graduated from a recognized program within the last 6 years.

2018 – Brita Enns-Kutcy

Red River College Library & Information Technology Student Award
This  award is presented to the student with the highest marks in the library related courses in the first year of the RRC LIT program.

2018 – Lori Friesen

The MALT Awards were presented at the 2018 Manitoba Libraries Conference at the Delta Hotel during the MALT AGM and announced at the Mixer social event on May 31, 2018. Award winners will be advertised in the MALT newsletter and on social media following the conference.


Ebony Novakowski Chair of the Library Technicians Division



MLA Scholarships and Awards

May 13, 2018

This report outlines and gives details concerning the 2018 Awards & Scholarships Committee process and work.  It also lists the successful Manitoba Library Association (MLA) 2018 scholarship and award winners.

The Scholarships & Awards Committee was Chaired by Kerry Macdonald, MLA Vice President, as outlined in the Vice Presidents roles and responsibilities description. Members of the Committee included Alan Chorney and Monique Ireland. Thank you to all Committee members for their hard work and dedication.

The Committee met on May 8 and 22, 2018 for one hour meetings.

The awards and scholarships were advertised to a variety of groups and listservs. The information went out to: MLA news, local Associations/Group emails (MSLA, AMA, MALT, MLCI, MLTA), MLA Facebook page and Twitter account (also shared with other associations). Scholarship information was sent to the LIS Schools in Canada. The information was posted three to five times during a two month period.

Scholarship submissions were rated and discussed by Committee members using a weighted scale based on scholarship criteria.  Award submissions were evaluated and discussed based on the nominees contribution to the development of libraries and library services in our province. The Red River College Student Award is awarded based on student marks and therefore the recipient is determined by the College.

Documentation, rating scale, template emails, etc. have been kept and will be shared with the

2018/2019 Vice President.

Details for each award and scholarship are listed below.

Red River College Library and Information Technology Student award

Red River College (RRC) Library and Information Technology (LIT) student Otto Ripoll Leal was this year’s recipient. This Red River College graduation award is sponsored by the Manitoba Library Association annually and the MLA proudly presents the award to a full-time graduating student in the Library and Information Technology program who has demonstrated academic excellence and career promise. The Award was delivered during the RRC LIT student Mixer event in April 2018.


MLA has two annual awarded scholarships: John Edwin Bissett Memorial Fund and the Jean Thorunn Law Scholarship Fund.  The Winnipeg Foundation holds the scholarship funds in trust and the 2018 allotments were $16,000 for the John Edwin Bissett Memorial Fund and $3,500 for the Jean Thorunn Law Scholarship Fund.

The 2018 Scholarship recipients are:

Ashley Panagapko, John Edwin Bissett Scholarship - $9,500

Eric Fontaine John Edwin Bissett Scholarship - $1,500

Sam Frederick John Edwin Bissett Scholarship - $5,000

Emily Kroeker Jean Thorunn Law Scholarship - $2,500

Justin Fuhr Jean Thorunn Law Scholarship - $1,000

Recipients received an email and mailed letter of confirmation. Names of scholarship winners were advertised in MLA News.

Manitoba Library Service Award

The Service Award honours people - librarians, library workers, trustees, volunteers - who have made an important contribution to the development of libraries and library services in our province.  Two Service Awards are given out annually, one in a professional category and one in the volunteer category.

Professional category – This award recognizes exemplary service over a long period of time by a salaried employee in the library field in Manitoba, or, a significant or extraordinary contribution by such an employee within a shorter time frame.

Volunteer category – This award recognizes a significant contribution to the operation or development of library services in Manitoba by those who have donated their time as a trustee, fund-raiser, or volunteer worker.

2018 Service Award Winner - Professional category

·     Joan Ransom

2018 Service Award Winners - Volunteer category

·    Joan Blakley

The MLA Service Awards will be presented at the 2018 Manitoba Libraries Conference at the Delta Hotel during the Mixer social event on May 31, 2018. Award winners will be advertised in MLA news following the conference.

Library Innovation of the Year Award

The Manitoba Library Association's Library Innovation of the Year Award is given to libraries who, through innovative thinking, have created or demonstrated improvements in library services. Multiple awards can be given out, but only one Innovation Awards was given out this year.

2018 Innovation Award Winner

·    Winnipeg Public Library - Bike Mobile

The MLA Innovation Awards will be presented at the 2018 Manitoba Libraries Conference at the Delta Hotel during the Mixer social event on May 31, 2018. Award winners will be advertised in MLA news following the conference.

Respectfully Submitted: Kerry Macdonald, Chair

Alan Chorney, Committee Member

Monique Ireland, Committee Member

Announcing the launch of our New MLA Logo Contest!

on July 3, 2018 - 4:22pm

MLA wants your logo ideas!

As we shift towards an amalgamated library association together with our new Trustees and Technicians Divisions, we want to visually represent this change as well. To this end, we are calling on our community to send us your ideas for a new MLA logo!

Whether your idea is a fully-formed visual masterpiece or more of a concept, send them in! As time allows, our volunteers can work to bring concepts into visual form.

Send your image or idea to by August 23, 2018. We will share all submissions and collect votes on member favorites from August 23 to September 6, 2018. 

Join us for the 2018 MLA AGM!

on May 29, 2018 - 4:27pm

This will be our first AGM as a new united library association, together with the Manitoba Association of Library Technicians (MALT) and the Manitoba Library Trustees Association (MLTA). Come and celebrate this special occasion with fellow colleagues and find out what the next year holds for MLA. We will also reserve some time for comments, questions, and discussion with our members.

Date: Friday, June 1, 2018
Time: 7:30 am to 8:45 am
Location: Charleswood A Room, Delta Hotel, 350 St Mary Ave, Winnipeg

Note that you do not need to register for the conference in order to attend the AGM. However, to participate in the AGM, you must be registered as a member of MLA. Learn more about membership at