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Month: December 2023

Happy holidays!

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Manitoba library workers from our academic, public, school, law, and special libraries have worked tirelessly and passionately for their patrons this past year, as they do every year.

From families to older folks, newcomers to young adults, students to our more distressed community members…everyone is welcome!

Thank you to our library workers, trustees, and board members from around the province who make our communities better places and spaces. Happy holidays!

Our Communication team will be back in the New Year and will continue to post regularly on our social media channels – stay tuned!

Accessible Information & Communication Legislation Information Workshop and Q&A

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This upcoming workshop and Q&A will be held on Wednesday, February 7, 2024 (10:30-11:30am)

The session is free of charge and will be presented/recorded on Zoom

As we get closer to the Accessible Information & Communication Deadline for Libraries, are you slowly freaking out? Need some helpful guidance and tips to let you know it’s all going to be alright? Need someone to answer your questions like, right now?

You’re in luck!
Join Monika Bonsor (Manitoba Accessibility Compliance Secretariat), Meagan Richards (Public Library Services), and Clint Curle (South Interlake Regional Library) for an informative session to help you and your library be compliant and ready come May 1, 2024.

This will be a useful session for library staff, library board members, and library trustees.

Please submit questions ahead of time when you sign up using this Google Form.

Contact Kirsten Wurmann, Program Coordinator, Manitoba Library Association ( for more information.

Library Spotlight: Shilo Community Library

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Located 25 minutes east of Brandon on Canadian Forces Base Shilo, the Shilo Community Library serves a unique mix of military members and families, youth who attend the local elementary school, preschoolers from the Military Family Resource Centre, as well as civilians from the surrounding area.

Shilo Library

First time visitors are usually surprised by the size of the library’s collection as well as its wide range of subjects. If what patrons are after isn’t available at the Shilo Community Library, it is connected to a robust inter-library loan network that is regularly used to source materials from across the province in only a few days; given the remote location of the Shilo community, this is an invaluable service to its members. As part of this network, the Shilo library also lends its materials to other libraries on behalf of patrons across Manitoba. With this in mind, one can say that the Shilo Community Library provides its services both locally and provincially.

Shilo Library

Another core service provided by the Shilo Community Library is working closely with a variety of programs on the base to promote literacy among young readers. Grade 7/8 students from O’Kelly School, for example, attend the library on a regular basis to source materials for their book reports as well as pleasure reading. Groups from the local daycare also attend the library to hear stories read by the librarians. The library also lends their space to a program where parents read to their children as a way of encouraging the practice, which is critical in building foundational literacy skills.

Shilo Library

Those who browse the library will likely notice featured items that foster a sense of inclusivity and which bring attention to the social issues of our times; highlighting works that shed light on Indigenous culture as a path to Reconciliation, materials that include LGBTQ+ themes, or ones that highlight the achievements of racialized groups are just some examples. The library has also implemented accessible labelling for patrons to easily identify books that touch on such social themes. Local interest is also a staple theme of the library and ranges from local municipal topics to province-wide ones. More creative themes include “dead authors whose work lives on,” which showcases posthumously published works.

Shilo Library

Shilo LibraryShilo Library

Shilo Library

As a space, the library is used for a variety of purposes beyond reading and borrowing books. Some examples include working professionals conducting meetings, student tutoring sessions, or simply a place to seek refuge from the heat and socialize during the summer months. Patrons are also invited to work on communal puzzles that are on display and have the opportunity to borrow one to work on at home if they so desire.

Shilo Library

Shilo Library

Shilo Library

Whether it’s a new genre or a more advanced read, patrons of all ages are encouraged to seek out new literary experiences at the Shilo Community Library. If serving the needs of adult readers both locally and provincially is the mind of this library, then promoting literacy amongst youth would be its heart, which is reflected in the wall art of the library. There is also a section dedicated to books written by some of the library’s youth patrons, which serves as both encouragement for the author and inspiration for future ones.

Shilo Library

Shilo Library

The MLA would like to extend a special thank you to Patricia Wells (Head Librarian) and Emilee DeSommer-Dennis (Assistant Librarian) for providing a glimpse into the Shilo Community Library’s world and the positive impact they’re making on the Shilo and surrounding community.

Article and Photographs by Rustam Dow, MLA Communications Committee Member


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The Canadian Federation of Library Associations/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques Nomination Committee (NC) is currently seeking Manitoba Library Association’s nomination for the 2024 CFLA-FCAB Board of Directors elections.

The deadline for nominations to be included in the NC’s slate is December 15, 2023.

Article 32 of The Federation’s By-laws specify the Board composition. In order to be nominated, a candidate must be a member in good standing of a member organization of the Corporation. Because the Federation represents associations it is important that nominees effectively represent and are connected with the association(s) they represent.

The CFLA-FCAB Board is responsible for the strategic and professional direction of the Federation. It establishes strategic priorities and maintains oversight over the activities, finances and governance of the organization.

Board members are expected to make themselves available for regular teleconference meetings (currently held monthly). Business will be conducted in between meetings by email and teleconference.

An authorized signatory or designate of the Member organization will nominate in writing the candidate to the CFLA-FCAB Nominations Committee. Please complete the form on page 5 found in the full document found here: Nomination Form (page 5)

Send your nomination to Michael/Michelle Rogowski, Executive Director ( for CFLA-FCAB by December 15, 2023.

Download and read the full Call for Nominations document here: MB-SK-2024-FederationNominationCalls