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Month: February 2024

Value Statement and Code of Conduct approved by the MLA Board of Directors

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At the February 15, 2024 meeting of the Manitoba Library Association board of directors, there was a motion to approve a value statement and code of conduct for membership. The motion was approved unanimously.

When applying for or renewing MLA membership, members will now need to accept the value statement and agree to the code of conduct.

You can read the value statement and code of conduct here.

Manitoba Library Worker Profile: KC Bateman

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To showcase the interesting and important work being done by libraries across the province, MLA interviews one library worker every other month about the unique work they do in order to deliver library services to Manitobans.

In January we talked with KC Bateman, Library Technician and Academic Integrity & Copyright Officer at the Assiniboine Community College Library in Brandon. In addition to the many responsibilities of her position, KC and her colleagues have been tackling the ongoing challenges (and opportunities) faced by those using AI in academic research. Read on to see how KC balances her role in teaching students about AI from both her perspective as a Library Technician and the College’s Academic Integrity Officer.

KC Bateman Profile Photo

Can you tell us a bit about your library system or branch? Is there anything unique or unusual about it?

I work at the Assiniboine Community College Library and we are located in the Victoria east campus in Brandon. What might be unique about us is that we service not only this campus but a dozen or so ‘off campus’ or revolving sites.

What is one thing you wish more people knew about your work?

My job is unique in the way that I spend more time in the classroom with students than most other academic library technicians. The beginning of each term at the college is the busiest time for me and I spend a lot of it not only in classrooms here at the Brandon campuses, but all across Manitoba. I give presentations to the students that help them become familiar with post-secondary research, library services, citing, and academic integrity and artificial intelligence. These sessions not only give students a good head start on their post-secondary journey, but also introduce them to at least one person in the library which opens they door for them to be a little more comfortable in seeking out our assistance. I feel like these sessions are vital for our off-campus sites as students there can feel isolated and like they don’t have the same access as our Victoria Ave E. campus students. I like to deliver as many of those sessions in person as possible to better convey the message that we are always ready and willing to help out in remote areas as much as we can.

What is something happening at your library that you’re excited about?

Our library has been navigating the challenges of Artificial Intelligence. Our Library Manger and I spent this past summer learning about introducing students to AI that can help with their research, and how to detect the use of it in instances of academic misconduct. We’ve coordinated sessions for both students and staff on all things AI and brought in a lot of material on the subject. We were even featured in our local newspaper for our work on and with AI. Also, and this is mostly a brag on the work of our Library Manager, Josh Seeland, we’ve been able to keep up or be one step ahead of most other institutions when it comes to creating policy and guidance on academic misconduct where AI is involved.

What is a challenge you’re currently facing?

As much as I’m excited by what our library is doing with Artificial Intelligence, it has also presented a challenge with how students approach research and assignment completion. This past term especially, we’ve seen questions about how to find information go way down and academic misconduct shoot up. Being the college’s Academic Integrity Officer as well as a library technician, I sometimes end up being involved in both sides of the issue. My sessions are set up to help students understand the line between positive and helpful use of AI in hopes of misconduct prevention but when misconduct does happen, either the Library Manager or I are often involved. Trying to find a balance between these roles can be a challenge.

What are you reading/watching/playing right now?

I’m a sucker for a good fantasy novel. I’m currently reading House of Roots and Ruin by Erin A. Craig. It’s the second book in a series and both have been fantastic.

We’re always looking for more library workers to feature each month! Are you doing something interesting at your library that you want to share, or you know someone in the province that is? Reach out to us at

Still looking! Prairie Rep for the CFLA-FCAB Board of Directors

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The Canadian Federation of Library Associations/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB)  still needs Manitoba Library Association’s nomination for our Prairie Representative for the  2024 CFLA-FCAB Board of Directors.

Please consider putting your name forward or encouraging a colleague to stand for the nomination!

Article 32 of The Federation’s By-laws specify the Board composition. In order to be nominated, a candidate must be a member in good standing of a member organization of the Corporation. Because the Federation represents associations it is important that nominees effectively represent and are connected with the association(s) they represent.

The CFLA-FCAB Board is responsible for the strategic and professional direction of the Federation. It establishes strategic priorities and maintains oversight over the activities, finances and governance of the organization.

Board members are expected to make themselves available for regular teleconference meetings (currently held monthly). Business will be conducted in between meetings by email and teleconference.

An authorized signatory or designate of the Member organization will nominate in writing the candidate to the CFLA-FCAB Nominations Committee. Please complete the form on page 5 found in the full document found here: Nomination Form (page 5)

Send your nomination to Michael/Michelle Rogowski, Executive Director ( for CFLA-FCAB.

Download and read the full Call for Nominations document here: MB-SK-2024-FederationNominationCalls.docx (1) (1)