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Past President

Title: Past President
Term: 1 year
Method of Appointment: Elected by Membership at Annual General Meeting
Reporting Structure: Reports to President
Time Commitment: 0.25 hours per week

Position Scope:

The Past President provides leadership to the Board and, primarily, serves to support the President. The Past President shares information and offers guidance in decision-making to the President, ensuring that they have the necessary information and resources to perform their duties.

Benefits of the Position:

  • Opportunity to expand on and/or develop skills relevant to the profession in a safe and supportive environment
  • Develop a rich and fulsome portfolio of experiences and strengthen your Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Satisfaction of making a difference in the community
  • Opportunity to connect with other, committed individuals in the profession and throughout Manitoba
  • Ability to network with colleagues across Manitoba
  • Increased understanding of group dynamics and relationships
  • May have the opportunity to represent the Association at the national level, through The Partnership, which the Association is a member of

Required Skills:

  • A commitment to, and clear understanding of, the mission and vision of the Association
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Ability to lead a diverse team
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent diplomacy skills
  • Ability to think critically and exercise good judgement in decision making

Desirable Skills and/or Experience:

  • One year as the President of the Manitoba Library Association


  • Attends scheduled Board meetings, though regular attendance is not required
  • Provides support and guidance to the President
  • Assists Board members as needed
  • May serve as a signing officer on Board bank account
  • Serves on the Financial Standing Committee
  • Prepares to exit the Board, ensuring the smooth transition of Association knowledge and paperwork over to the President and Vice President


  1. Provides a brief written report of activities for Board meetings.
  2. Assists the President in the planning of the Association’s annual general meeting

Creation Date: 23 July 2021; KM
Review Date:

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