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  • Chair meeting of MLA Directors and Executive members
  • Organize and chair Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Meet with Past-President and Vice-President
  • Send mass communication to membership
  • Serve on Finance Committee
  • Regularly update MLA Board of Directors on activities
  • Liaise with other library associations as required


  1. Conduct meeting of MLA Directors and Executive members
  2. Host AGM
  3. Communicate with other Manitoba library-related association on an ongoing basis, including organizing a minimum of 2 in-person meetings
  4. Communicate with Past-President and Vice-President on an ongoing basis
  5. Hold transition meeting with incumbent President and Vice-President within 30 days of AGM
  6. Send a minimum of 2 mass communications to membership
  7. Provide an activities report at each MLA meeting
  8. Report to AGM on general MLA activities and all individual deliverables