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Constitution and By-Laws


Article I: NAME

The name of this association shall be The Manitoba Library Association (the “Association”).


The Manitoba Library Association (MLA) is a provincial, voluntary, incorporated association with both personal and institutional members. MLA is a registered charity and, therefore, has a strictly non-profit, educational orientation.


The Manitoba Library Association provides leadership in the promotion, development, advocacy, and support of library and information services in Manitoba for the benefit of Association members, the library community and the citizens of Manitoba.


  1. To promote public awareness of library services and library issues in Manitoba.

  2. To promote and foster ties among the individuals, organizations and institutions in the library community and information resource management sector in Manitoba and Canada.

  3. To provide educational opportunities in the library field throughout Manitoba.

  4. To advocate the development of comprehensive and accessible library and information services throughout Manitoba.

  5. To disseminate information, which supports the goals and objectives of the Association and the welfare of the library community, locally and nationally.

  6. To strive for the continued membership growth of the Association and in both rural and urban Manitoba.

  7. To ensure the Association’s fiscal stability and accountability.

Article V: MEMBERS

Any person or organization interested in libraries shall be eligible to become a member.


The business and affairs of the Association shall be managed by an Executive Committee elected by the members without restricting the generality of the foregoing. The Executive Committee shall have the power to make, amend or repeal by-laws not inconsistent with this constitution governing the business and affairs of the Association; provided always that any such by-law, amendment or repeal made shall be effective immediately, but shall be subject to confirmation by a majority of voting members present at the next general or special meeting of the Association for which notice thereof shall be given, or resolution in lieu thereof approved by a majority of voting members casting ballots. The membership at such special or general meeting (but not otherwise) may confirm, confirm with amendments, or reject such by-law, amendment or repeal.


Amendments to this constitution shall require approval by not less than two-thirds of the votes cast by voting members at a meeting of members called for such purpose or of the ballots cast on a resolution in lieu of a meeting. Any proposed amendment must have the written support of not less than ten members and upon receipt of any such proposal the Executive Committee shall forthwith notify the membership and proceed to placing the matter before the membership.


The business and affairs of the Association shall be operated without pecuniary gain to the members, and the members of the Association shall have no interest in the property and assets of the Association, and upon a resolution of 75% of the membership to dissolve or wind up the Association, any funds and assets of the Association remaining after satisfaction of its debts and liabilities shall be distributed to such other non-profit organization whose objects most closely accord with those of this Association as determined by the Executive Committee at dissolution.

MADE AND ADOPTED this Twenty-Second day of November 1993.

(last changed May 14, 2008)


General By-Laws Amended to November 2014