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Library Technicians

The Library Technicians Division (formerly the Manitoba Association of Library Technicians) promotes and advances the role of library technicians in Manitoba, and responds to issues that relate to the library community as a whole. The Library Technician Division provides the following:

Manitoba’s library community has a rich heritage of diversity and has, over generations, created a vibrant collection of advocates, leaders, and volunteers. The Manitoba library community thrives because of its connections, not by its collections. The Library Technician Division plays an integral role in strengthening the ties between the various library employees and interest groups in this province. As part of MLA we bring the voices of Library Technicians and support workers to the provincial association and are responsive to the needs of the professions of library technicians and support workers across the province.

Who We Are:

The Library Technicians Division is a dedicated group of Library Professionals working as part of MLA to represent the interests of Library Support Workers in the Province of Manitoba, and mentor students entering the Library Profession. We act as part of various committees on MLA to provided support worker representation in the Library community with the provincial association.

As Part of MLA we act on the following committees:

MLA Board – Library Technician Division Chair
Advocacy Committee
Awards Committee
Communications Committee
MLC Conference Committee (In conference years)

We host two Student Representatives yearly from the Red River Library Information and Technology Program.

We meet monthly.

Interested in getting involved with us?