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Copyright Documents

Copying Guidelines (poster)Information poster for staff and public.2024/05/16Download
Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial IntelligenceConsultation on Copyright in the Age of Generative Artificial Intelligence:CFLA Response (2024- 19pp)2024/04/16Download
Copyright Update (OLA SuperConference 2021)Presentation by Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson – Faculty of Law, Western University (35 pages)2024/05/16Download
Fair Dealing (CFLA Statement)(2017)2024/04/16Download
Implementing the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilitiesA practical guide for librarians – Canadian Version (2018 – 19 pages)2024/04/16Download
Indigenous Knowledge in Canada’s Copyright Act (CFLA position statement)Who holds “legal” copyright to knowledge or cultural expression under Canada’s current Copyright Act is …2024/04/16Download
Marrakesh TreatyMain Provisions and Benefits of the Marrakesh Treaty (2013) – 8 pages.2024/04/16Download
WIPO Good Practice Toolkit for Collective Management Organizations (The Toolkit)(131 pages)2024/05/16Download