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Intellectual Freedom

“Our policies are legitimate, our books are legal, and yet we are forced to defend ourselves over and over again,” Cathy Ching, director of the South Central Regional Library.

Manitoba Library Association’s Public Libraries Intellectual Freedom and Anti-Censorship Toolkit was created in response to censorship and defunding challenges in the South Central Regional Library system in Fall of 2022 and Spring of 2023.

To support other public library systems in the province that may face similar challenges, MLA has designed the Toolkit to be used by Manitoba public libraries to “prepare for challenges associated with intellectual freedom and attempts to actively censor public library materials/services”. The Toolkit contains valuable sources of information, resources, and recommendations for public libraries to use for this purpose. While the Toolkit is public library focused, other libraries and information settings may also find it of use. It is intended that that Toolkit will grow and evolve overtime. Please stay tuned to MLA’s homepage for updates.