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The Manitoba Library Service Awards

The Manitoba Library Association welcomes nominations of people who have made a significant contribution to library services in the province of Manitoba. Please consider nominating someone you think is worthy to receive one of these awards.

The Manitoba Library Service Awards are sponsored by the Manitoba Library Endowment Fund as part of the Fund’s work in encouraging excellence in Manitoba libraries. This Fund is administered through the Manitoba Library Association.

The purpose of the award is to honour those people–librarians, library workers, trustees, volunteers–who have made a significant contribution to the operation and development of libraries and library services in the province of Manitoba.

There are two awards which recognize those acting in a professional or a voluntary capacity.

  • Professional category – This award recognizes exemplary service over a long period of time by a salaried employee in the library field in Manitoba, or, a significant or extraordinary contribution by such an employee within a shorter time frame.
  • Volunteer category – This award recognizes a significant contribution to the operation or development of library services in Manitoba by those who have donated their time as a trustee, fund-raiser, or volunteer worker.

Application process: Deadline for nominations is April 30, 2018.

  • Anyone may make a nomination: it is not necessary to be a member of MLA.
  • Nominations should be submitted in the form of a letter of not more than two pages, indicating the award category (professional or volunteer), citing the person being nominated and detailing the work they have done for libraries.
  • The nomination should include the names and signatures of both the Nominator and a Seconder of the nomination.
  • Please provide complete contact information for the Nominator, Seconder, and Nominee.
  • Nominations, including any supporting documentation, should be sent via email to

An Awards Committee selected by the MLA Executive Committee will consider the nominations and determine the winners. The Committee may also choose, at its discretion, not to present an award in either category in any year. The winner(s) of these awards will be presented at the MLA AGM or the Manitoba Libraries Conference.

Manitoba Library Service Awards

Manitoba Library Innovation Award

This award is to identify and celebrate innovation in library services in Manitoba Libraries, who through innovative thinking have created or demonstrated improvements in library services to their users are eligible. Potential nominees may include applications of new web services, creation of innovative technology tools, or applications of technology in new settings for the benefit of users. Depending on the number of nominations received, more than one winner may be announced or none.

The Manitoba Library Association’s Awards Committee will select this year’s award winner(s).  The winner(s) of the Manitoba Library Innovation of the Year Award(s) will be announced at the Manitoba Library Association AGM or at the Manitoba Libraries Conference.

Submissions should be sent by email.  Deadline for submission is April 30, 2018.  Winners will be notified by mid-May and a representative of the selected organization will be requested to be present to receive the award.

Only one nomination is required to be considered for the award.  Nominations for consideration in previous years can be nominated in future years.  Past winners would not normally be considered to win again unless significant changes have been made.

Nominations for Library Innovation of the Year must include the following information:

  • Library name
  • Name of innovation
  • Purpose of innovation
  • Description of innovation
  • Online address of innovation or example
  • Name and contact information of the person nominating the innovation

Send submissions by email to:

MLA Awards Committee


You will receive a confirmation of receipt.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovation:The award recognizes improvements in delivery of projects, programs, services, etc. which constitute a significant positive impact over existing methods. New methods or ideas in delivery of services or programs using new technologies will have particular merit. Innovations of any scale are welcome.
  • Impact:The award recognizes activities which show potential for long term impact on libraries. Impacts to the user community and enduring benefit to these users should be illustrated.
  • Utility:The extent to which the innovation can be adopted by other libraries or adapted to other settings will be considered.

Deadline for submitting nominations: April 30, 2018

MLA Library Innovation Award

Library Technician of the Year Award

The intent of this award is to recognize a Library Technician who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or leadership in their library, or in the library community at a local, regional, provincial or national level. The individual must be a graduate of a recognized Library Technician program.

The award winners to date have been:

2018 – Chris Mailloux
2017 – Belinda Kotschorek
2016 – Gisele Robin
2015 – Darren Wesselius
2014 – Joan Baker
2013 – Teresa Armstrong
2012 – Cecile Lemoine
2011 – Alice Klumper
2010 – Edna Johnson
2009 – Marsha Bowyer
2007 – Catherine Taylor
2005 – Daisy Santos
2001 – Diana Stojanovic-Lewis

Library Support Worker of the Year Award

The intent of this award is to recognize a library support staff member who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or leadership in their library, or in the library community at a local, regional, provincial or national level. The individual must be currently working in a library without holding a Library Technician Diploma or Master of Library Science.

The award winners to date have been:

2018 – Pam Palcat
2017 – No Nominations Received
2016 – Eva Fleming
2015 – Gaitree Boyd
2014 – William Toms
2013 – Bruce Locken
2012 – Hung-Hsueh Shao
2011 – Sheila Evason
2010 – Colin Oakes
2009 – Lois Mabee

Rising Star Award

This award was created in 2011 and is presented biennially to a Library Technician who shows exceptional promise of leadership, and has made a contribution to their library or the profession. The individual must be a Library Technician who has graduated from a recognized program within the last 6 years.

The award winners to date have been:

2018 – Brita Enns-Kutcy
2017 – Krista Siemens
2016 – Sara Wilson
2015 – Dana Van Aert Pattrosson
2013 – Tara Watt
2011 – Elizabeth Stregger

Red River College Library & Information Technology Student Award

This award is presented to the student with the highest marks in the library related courses in the first year of the RRC LIT program.

The award winners to date have been:

2018 – Lori Friesen
2017 – Melanie Rose
2016 – Erin Lougheed
2014 – Philip Enns
2012 – Justin Fuhr
2010 – Mikaela Oldenkamp
2000 – Kim Nelson
1998 – Ann Klassen & Nancy Voth
1996 – Moira Fentum
1994 – Marianne Prokopetz

Trustee of Distinction Award

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Nominee must be a current or past member of MLTA, who has given service as a library trustee in the Province of Manitoba
  • Each nomination must be sponsored by at least two other members of the MLTA
  • Nominations must be submitted on the Official Nomination Form
  • The deadline for nominations is September 30 of each year
  • The award will be presented at the time of the Annual General Meeting of the MLTA
  • The award shall consist of a plaque with a suitable endorsement

Trustee of Distinction Award Nomination Form 2018

The award winners to date have been:

2017 – Donna Kormilo – 8 years as a library trustee for Western Manitoba Regional Library, involved with strategic planning, policy review, personnel and 2 years as Board Chair. Provided forward thinking and growth-minded leadership to improve and grow the service provided by WMRL. Involvement with MLTA since 2011, including 3 years as Chair. Instrumental in developing MLTA’s web presence and representing MLTA on the Manitoba Libraries Working Group that worked to create one strong library association in Manitoba. Currently the Past Chair of MLTA.

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 – no nominations received

2012 – Conrad Artibise – Conrad had extensive involvement in the Dauphin Public Library, the Parkland Regional Library Board, and as a Board member of the Manitoba Library Trustees Association. During his library trustee career, Conrad was most proud of being the Co-Chair of the Building Expansion Committee (1985-1988) at the Dauphin Public Library. This $700,000 project was a significant addition to the community and the foresight and dedication of the committee resulted in a first-class facility.

2012 – Grace Schellenberg – former Councillor in the City of Winkler (3 terms), and former trustee of the South Central Regional Library Board (15 years), was instrumental in campaigning and advocating for the building of the new public library in Winkler and its neighboring Bethel Heritage Park. She was honoured as Winkler’s Citizen of the Year in 1987, and in 2012 was awarded a Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for community involvement.

2011 – no nominations received

2010 – Sandy Hyman, former City of Winnipeg Councillor and Chairperson of the Winnipeg Public Library Board, Director of the Winnipeg Library Foundation

2010 – Ted Klassen, Councillor – Town of Altona, South-Central Regional Library Board – member since 1995, Chair 2001 – 2006, overseeing the enhancement of the Altona Public Library premises, successful efforts at promoting the expansion of the SCRL region, advocate and supporter of the library as not only a facility but also as “its place in the community”.

2009 – Bill Stilwell, Councillor – Town of Neepawa, long-serving Vice-Chair Western Manitoba Regional Library Board, Chair of the Neepawa-Langford Public Library Board, Past MLTA President, Vice Chair of Canadian Library Trustees Association, Chair of the Manitoba Public Library Advisory Board. Lobbied for increased funding for technology in the public library sector. Also lobbied to establish the first public Internet in Manitoba’s public libraries.

2008 – Lois (Bunny) Burke, Flin Flon. Long-term Chair of the Flin Flon Library Board, active in youth groups and their organizations, active in the community and political life of the Flin Flon area.

2007 – Doug Deans, Dauphin. Dauphin Public Library (26 years including 9 as Chair), Parkland Regional Library Board (8 years as Chair). As Parkland Chair, he oversaw the growth of the Parkland Region to 35 member municipalities, construction of 6 branch libraries, the purchase of the bookmobile, and the first Writer-in-Residence program in rural Manitoba. Participated in the installation of the first online public access catalogue in public libraries in Manitoba (1988), co-chaired building committee for the construction of the regional headquarters/branch library building in Dauphin.

2006 – Mike Cook, Winnipeg Public Library Board (7 years, including Chair); effective leadership in increasing library book budget, facilities study – new Millenium Library, and positive relations with the City of Winnipeg; Winnipeg Library Foundation Board

2005 – Murray A. Smith, Flin Flon Public Library Board member – many years of service (35+) as Chair, Board member, and active volunteer (e.g. rebuilding of the downstairs area, reading to children, helping out wherever he can).

2004 – William (Bill) Shackel, Mayor – Village of Glenboro, long-serving Chair of Western Manitoba Regional Library, MLTA Executive member, very supportive of library cooperation and development, both locally and provincially.