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Title: Treasurer
Term: 2 years
Method of Appointment: Elected by Membership at Annual General Meeting
Reporting Structure: Reports to the President
Time Commitment: 3 hours per week

Position Scope:

The Treasurer is an Executive member of the Association and is responsible for working closely with the other Board members in managing the financial affairs of the Association.  The Treasurer administers all fiscal matters of the organization.

Benefits of the Position:

  • Opportunity to expand on and/or develop skills relevant to the profession in a safe and supportive environment
  • Develop a rich and fulsome portfolio of experiences and strengthen your Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Satisfaction of making a difference in the community
  • Opportunity to connect with other, committed individuals in the profession and throughout Manitoba
  • Ability to network with colleagues across Manitoba
  • Increased understanding of group dynamics and relationships
  • May have the opportunity to represent the Association at the national level, through The Partnership, which the Association is a member of

Required Skills:

  • A commitment to, and a clear understanding of, the mission and vision of the Association
  • Understanding of financial accounting for nonprofit organizations
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a team environment
  • A self-starter and willingness to learn
  • Detail oriented

Desirable Skills and/or Experience:

  • One year experience as Treasurer in a nonprofit organization
  • Experience with QuickBooks software


  • Serves on the Executive Committee
  • Regularly attends scheduled meetings
  • Prepares annual budget for Board approval
  • Produces regular expenditures reports
  • Manages financial accounts
  • Communicates with and provide documents to MLA insurance broker, accountant and others as necessary
  • Prepares documents for financial audits
  • Communicates with the auditor to complete annual Charitable Organization and GST paperwork
  • Serves as a secondary signer on Board bank account
  • Manages bank account and related financial accounts (ie. Square)
  • Regularly update MLA Executive on activities
  • Liaises with other library associations as required
  • Orients incoming Treasurer


  1. Provide updated budget information and, when necessary, activities report for each meeting
  2. Present budget information at Annual General Meeting
  3. Complete required annual paperwork, in collaboration with auditor, for GST purposes and charitable organization status
  4. Prepare, and deliver to auditor, documents for annual financial audit
  5. Ensure insurance policy is renewed
  6. Provide a brief written report of activities for the Annual Report

Review Date: 27 April 2020; KM
Approval Date:
01 November 2018

Treasurer – PDF