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Interested in volunteering?

We welcome new volunteers and have several different opportunities both within and outside of correctional institutions.

  • The PLC is a committee under the auspices of the Manitoba Library Association. As PLC volunteers we represent the Manitoba Library Association.  Membership in the Association is required.
  • Clearances and orientations are required for volunteering at the WRC, WCC, Milner Ridge, MYC, and HCC. (Note: clearances and training can take weeks (and sometimes months) to attain.)  If you are choosing to volunteer outside a correctional facility, this is not needed.
  • We ask that potential volunteers consider that consistency is an important part of building trust with our partner organizations and the individuals we serve. We encourage people to commit to only what they can deliver.
  • To learn more about our volunteering opportunities, and to receive our application form and information about a volunteer orientation, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at

Check out the list below for more information about the current roles – some may be already filled- others are ongoing.