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Accessibility Documents

Accessible Information and Communication in ManitobaPresentation to the Manitoba Library Association February 7, 2024 from the Accessibility Compliance Secretariat.2024/02/09Download
Accessible Information and Communication Standard HandbookFrom the Manitoba Accessibility Office (January 2024) – 13 pages.2024/02/09Download
CELA at your library 2023Centre for Equitable Library Access – public library service for Canadians with print disabilities.2024/01/03Download
Checklist for Libraries (public sector): The Accessibility Standard for Information and CommunicationBy May 1/2024, all libraries must provide information & communication accessible to all Manitobans.2023/06/09Download
Frequently Asked Questions: The Accessibility Standard for Information and CommunicationFrom the Manitoba Accessibility Office – 15 pages2024/02/09
Is Your Public Library Accessible? from PLARC, CELA & NNELSAccessibility of public libraries from the perspective of persons with lived experiences of a disability.2024/01/03Download
Manitoba Accessibility Office – Excel Document ChecklistMicrosoft Office, including Excel, offers a built-in accessibility checker.2023/06/09Download
Manitoba Accessibility Office – Standard for Customer Service: Employee TipsTips to remove barriers your patrons may face in accessing library materials & services2023/06/09Download
Manitoba Accessibility Office – Why Make Your Print & Digital Documents Accessible?Providing accessible documents is important to ensure that all have equal access to your information.2023/06/09Download
Quick Reference: Accessibility 101 For Public LibrariesFrom developed by Public Library Accessibility Resource Centre (PLARC) as a support for libraries.2024/01/03Download