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Intellectual Freedom and Social Justice

CFLA Intellectual Freedom Toolkit (updated April 2022)An assemblage of useful information and links on questions of intellectual freedom, especially it intersects …2024/05/16Download
Confronting and Preventing Hate in Canadian Schools ToolkitTools to identify hate propaganda & radicalization, to intervene before situation escalates.2024/01/03Download
Pride Defense Guide ( this guide refers to Pride, the info can be used to prepare for many …2024/05/16Download
Public Libraries Intellectual Freedom and Anti-Censorship ToolkitFrom MLA, prepare for challenges to intellectual freedom & attempts to censor public library materials/services.(Updated: …2023/06/09Download
Responding to ChallengesOne-pager with a focus on school libraries from Manitoba School Library Association.2024/04/18Download
The Intellectual Freedom FundAvailable to public libraries serving populations under 29,999, or small libraries that encounter undue financial …2024/05/16Download
Toolkit for Diverse Collection Development and Intellectual Freedom in Manitoba SchoolsFrom the Manitoba School Library Association (19 pages)2024/04/18Download
Unite Against Books Bans ToolkitFrom ALA, this kit helps unite in support of freedom to read in your community.2024/01/03Download