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Month: September 2019

2019 Award Winners!

Posted in Scholarships & Awards

The Scholarships & Awards Committee of the Manitoba Library Association is pleased to announce the 2019 Award Winners.

Congratulations to Andrew Robert, winner of the 2019 Trustee of Distinction Award.

Andrew volunteered as a citizen representative on the South Interlake Regional Library Board from 2008 to 2017. During that time, the South Interlake Regional Library faced many challenges, including a funding crisis. Ever the voice of reason, Andrew’s calm and thoughtful approach contributed to a resolution and helped the parties involved find a suitable way forward. Andrew was the first trustee on the South Interlake Regional Library Board to attend sessions at library conference, thereby encouraging other trustees to follow suit. In 2015, Andrew began volunteering with MLTA, where he served as Member at Large. He continues playing an active part in association work and today sits on the MLA Board as the Trustees Division Chair.

Congratulations to Bev (Beverly) Dumach-Barnes, winner of the 2019 Library Support Worker of the Year Award.

Bev Demach-Barnes is Circulation Clerk at the Red River College Notre Dame Campus Library. Bev began her role six years ago knowing very little about libraries, but with a great attitude towards customer service and a willingness to learn. Bev has since grown to be the heart of the library in the evenings and her outgoing personality and remarkable commitment to customer service make her an exceptional employee.  She also has a unique ability to connect with International Students. She greets each student when they enter the library and wishes them a good night when they leave, often in their home language. Many of these students are away from their families and support systems for the first time. Bev provides a welcoming face, a listening ear and an environment where they feel as though they belong.   manages to do this while remaining professional and providing excellent service to all students and staff at Red River College.

Congratulations to Shauna Weiss, winner of the 2019 Red River College Library & Information Technology Award.

Each year MLA presents an Award to a full-time graduating Library and Information Technology student who has demonstrated academic excellence and career promise. This year’s Award winner is Shauna Weiss. Shauna graduated from Red River College’s Library and Information Technology Program in spring 2019. She highly enjoyed the program and has always loved libraries and books. Shauna is happy to have found employment in an elementary school library this fall. In her spare time, Shauna enjoys cooking, gardening, taking her kids to the park and camping.