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MLA Statement of Support for Ukraine

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The Manitoba Library Association (MLA), on behalf of the Manitoba library community, wishes to contribute its voice to the diverse sources of support for Ukraine and the nation’s people as the country continues to defend itself against the illegal military invasion from Russia. MLA also wishes to join with our colleagues at the Canadian Federation of Library Association’s (CFLA) statement in applauding the tireless work and dedication of the library community in Ukraine which continues to provide library service to people who most require it at this time.  

We would also draw attention to the SUCHO initiative,, a group of cultural heritage professionals working together to identify and archive at-risk sites, digital content, and data in Ukrainian cultural heritage institutions while the country is under attack. 

The Canadian province of Manitoba is home to over 180,000 people of Ukrainian descent (over 10% of the entire provincial population), and we wish to recognize and respect the contributions of Manitobans of Ukrainian heritage by calling for an end to Vladimir Putin’s illegal “special military operation” in Ukraine and the intended subjugation of a people who have shaped Manitoba to the province that it is today.

The illegal actions of the Russian government in Ukraine have also highlighted the inherent dangers of malicious disinformation and censorship, as both the Ukrainian and Russian people have become victims of a gross campaign of both during this inexcusable conflict. We hope that international efforts to support Ukraine also consider providing assistance against these attacks to the right to free and open access to information.